Our Vision

Too Fund Management is out there to help investors who lack knowledge in blockchain to enjoy the benefits of blockchain. Investors can easily obtain professional investment services on blockchain, enabling them a step closer to financial freedom.

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What is TOO?

TOO Fund At A Glance

TOO Fund Management Company is a new investment company established in 2021. The company is focused on leveraging blockchain technology to provide investment services to investors and virtual currency mining. The company is committed to explore and discover new ventures while partnering with a reputable public YouTube channel. In the coming weeks, TOO will launch its native decentralized crypto exchange where users can trade, swap, and convert different cryptocurrencies.

Our Mission

Too Fund Management aim to reach 500 Million USD valuation within one year.

Establishing major mines in United State, Canada and Russia.

Growth of Mining Machine reaching 600 Million USD in asset valuation.

Launch decentralized exchange and DeFi platform.

Too Fund Management aim to reach 2 Billion USD valuation within three year.

Open to public and get listed into major trading platforms

Fund Income & Usage


Investing In Mining Machines

TOO will use the initial funds to invest in the mining machines. The mining machine produces 60% of the daily currency, which will be used to repurchase and burn TOO tokens at the currency price of the day. The process of repurchasing and burning of the tokens will be carried out at random intervals daily. Results of the process will be publicized in the group daily. The remaining 40% will be allocated to electricity, venue, wages, maintenance, and other operational expenditures. 10% of the amount of Tokens produced by the mining machine will be used to repurchase and burn TOO tokens as well.

High-Yield Low Risk DeFi Project Investment

For short-term investment, the idle funds of the fund will select high-yield and low-risk DeFi projects. All of the daily income will be used to repurchase tokens. The appreciation of value from tokens will be calculated and publicized at the end of each quarter. The appreciation of the currency value will also be used to repurchase the tokens.


Long-term Investment Holding High-Return Projects

TOO also have a portion of the funds invested in long-term investment in the high-return project with low capital locked over a long period of time such as Polkadot Parachain Slot Auction projects. The funds will regularly publicize the profit, which can range from 5 times to 50 times. A team of professionals will manage the operation, profit, and reporting after unlocking. All proceed will be used to repurchase tokens.

Gaming Platforms

TOO allows all players to participate in game development, testing, operation, revenue, and other links. TOO will run the entire game ecosystem, benefiting the platform, developers, and players alike.

TOO supports creative game authors to help them distribute their games globally and get players to join partners and earn game revenue.


NFT Ecosystem

TOO NFTs can be used to stack in games on our platform. Each NFT series has a different rarity that NFT holders can stack across all listed multiple NFT games

A percentage of the revenue earned by TOO from the gaming platform will be distributed to NFT holders according to the NFT staked and rarity of the NFT.


TOO also participated in the development and distribution of NFTs. NFTs aims to perform social responsibility by giving back to mother nature by planting trees.

By purchasing our NFTs, people are also supporting the artists.

Road Map

TOO Token Timeline

TOO Tokenomics

Total issuance of

100 Billion

  • Private Sales
  • Public Sales
  • Liquidity Pool
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Staking Pool
  • NFT Development Fund
  • Game Reserve Fund
  • Project Development Fund

TOO Tokenomics

Allocation % Description Contract Address
Private Sales 6% Funding closes in November 2021. Unlocked in 10 months. 0xCd161db68F73083e459A2A4Ee7e5E90C83DC39a6
Public Sales 4% Funding closes in December 2021. Unlocked in 5 months. 0x847b7221551279820bfB3207eF5361221472a854
Liquidity Pool 5% Locked liquidity token used to incentivize TOO growth. This distribution will help accelerate activity in the ecosystem. 0xAe99243Ea394f2d8ef43c3557D8C4bc2646E347d
Technology 6% Funds used to incentivize TOO technology. Unlocked in 20 months. 0xC04FA1694435130d958E4fD04516071D1c729F7C
Marketing 6% Funds for marketing and announcement. Every usage of the fund will be announced in the group. 0x99897E37F1c8AFD1C91336376d49A81AC59Cd4B1
Staking Pool 10% Enjoy staking bonus points. 10 months to unlock. 0xa105C392e0dC8f5Ae5355a98944C4623A81c81bB
NFT Development Fund 3% Funds used to develop FT marketplace. 0x94F3BDdeCacbBF0D52Dfb1de5d1e9e6F2Eb18F6E
Game Reserve Fund 30% Tokens for game development reserves. 0x5f76c8248936DC94D3c2c5A418B28062Ba56F5f8
Project Development Fund 30% Funds for expanding the TOO ecosystem and other project development. 0xE83F483Fd63B5f35Ccd08755C5D605DF67ff751a

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